Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Bigelow is board certified in five areas of medicine:


Dr. Bigelow practices general pulmonary medicine covering the evaluation of common respiratory symptoms and/or the management of common chest illness such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or interstitial lung diseases. In addition, she will see patients with chest malignancy or those in need of pulmonary interventional procedures at the new Comprehensive Lung Center at St. Mary's Medical Center.

Critical Care
Dr. Bigelow provides inpatient consultative services to the intensive care units at St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

Sleep Medicine
Dr. Bigelow is a member of the consultative staff at the California Center for Sleep Disorders and sees patient with sleep disorders in her Hyde Street office.

Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine
A life long diver, Dr. Bigelow will do fitness evaluation for diving in her Hyde street Office. She also practices Hyperbaric Medicine across the street at St. Francis hospital, encompassing patient issues such as decompression sickness, problem wound healing, specific infectious issues, graft and flap failure, crush injuries, acute peripheral ischemia, and acute hearing loss to name a few.

Internal Medicine
While providing a foundation for all of the above, Dr. Bigelow does not specifically practice general internal medicine.